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What Does Valentine’s Day Mean to You?


Because I love ya!

Valentine’s day has always been more about the little things in our house. Birthdays are a much bigger production. We   don’t usually go out for Vday, but I do like to make a special dinner. IF we buy gifts for one another (sometimes we make  them) it is a small token of affection or something that the person needs…this year us adults exchanged t-shirts, and I put  together a small gift basket for Lil’ G that had dollar store manicure stuff in it. We are working on getting her to stop biting  her nails, and I though this might be a fun way. We keep it small and light, no pressure and little money spent. How do  YOU celebrate the day of love? Tell me in the comments!

With all the customize-able freebies this year, everyone in my house got a personalized Valentine from me. I also snagged 30 free personalized Valentines for Lil’ G! They were a HUGE hit, and there was even a few left over for family. This is the one I got, with one of my favorite pictures of my princess! What a smiley happy sunshine baby!

Vista Print Freebie!

😀 The Valentines (and birthday treats) you send to school here in our rural town are somewhat of a status symbol, and although I do not usually fall into the “Keeping up with the Jones’s” attitude, I was pleased to hear that the Valentines we sent were the HIT of the school party. Even over the ones that had candy!

All together it was a quiet day and a quiet night, filled with smiles and affection. The boys each brought me flowers, which I broke up into little bunches and spread out all over the house. Daisies, a few roses, tulips and carnations…MH even brought Lil’ G her own bouquet of carnations, it really made her day!

Happy Valentine’s day, everyone! And if no one has said it to you yet today…I Love You! 🙂

Chocolate Pudding Cupcakes with Strawberry Centers – for VDay


Love at first bite

My mens were so happy when I made these treats for them, and oh boy do they deserve it! The cold months are always roughest on us financially, and they get a double whammy with V-Day, and my birthday, all in one month.  They have been working extra hours to get me a present, a memory card for my Nook. They deserve cupcakes, and so much more, for how sweet they both are to me!

1 package cupcake mix, chocolate
1 package strawberries, cleaned and hulled
1 package pudding, chocolate
Fresh mint sprigs,optional but awesome

1.Prepare cupcakes according to package and let cool. Using a paring knife, core out a well down into each cupcake, for your strawberry to fit into. Prepare your pudding according to the package.

2.Stick the strawberry pointy side down into your cupcakes. Top liberally with pudding in leu of frosting.

3. Add a sprig of mint if you like.  I think it adds a certain something, and my neighbor had some growing in her kitchen and shared…but don’t go out and buy some.

4. I cut each cutcake in half and set it on a plate, because presentation is everything with these suckers. They are DELICIOUS and super easy!


I love you, *DH and *MH! *kisses and hugs galore*    Now, eat a cupcake!  *shoves a cupcake into two open mouths*